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The Philippine Adventure really began on Sunday, March 9, at 3:40 PM when we left home.  Our pump in our well went out that day as well as other things in previous days, so our "experience" sort of began then!

We drove down to Anchorage and arrived there soon after 10:00 PM.  We did some last minute shopping, then made it to the airport around 11:30.  Here we are soon after we arrived:

We soon found out that our plane (which was supposed to depart at 3:45) was delayed till 6:00.  It didn't even arrive until nearly 5:00 so we did not leave until almost 7:00.  We then had a 9 hour 45 minute flight to Taipei, Taiwan.

Because we were over 3 hours late, we missed our flight to Manila, so we were rushed on to EVA AIR, bound for Manila.
Following are some pictures from our stay in Manila:

Our Orientation was held at the Union Office on Wednesday, the 12th:

We stayed at the Atrium Hotel while we were there:

Here are some fruit trees in Manila:

Here we are with our friend, Sandy Birdsong, in the Manila Airport getting ready to leave for Bacolod City: