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Bacolod City

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Bacolod City
We finally arrived in Bacolod City on Friday, March 14.  Here we are in the airport.

Sabbath, March 15:

We enjoyed several beautiful special musics:

Joel preached the sermon on Sabbath, followed by the appeal song, "Amazing Grace":

Here we are with most of the church members:

Here is the outside of the Pagla-um SDA church with several of the members in front of it:

On Sabbath, Sunday, and Monday nights we had power-outages because of some maintenance the power company was doing:

Yes, it's been hot!

Sandy Birdsong has been doing our health talks for us:

Planning for the appeal song with Pastor Refendor and our "music leader":

The children's program has been going very well.  The first night we had about 25 kids and last night (Tuesday night) we had around 50, all but a couple non-Adventist!

Seth has been preaching at the Mansilingan SDA Church, because they didn't have a preacher, so he and Caleb have been going there the last two nights.  Please check back for more updates!