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Bacolod City 2

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Bacolod City 2
We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves here in the Philippines.  Here some more pictures from March 17 - 23.

We have been eating at the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center and the food has been wonderful (we get mangos nearly every meal!)

We are staying in the old but beautiful Sugarland Hotel:

The streets are crowded here:

The meetings have been going very well.  Seth has been preaching at the Mansilingan SDA Church:

Meanwhile, Joel was still preaching at the Pagla-Um Church, with Sandy doing the Health Talks:

Curtis arrived on Thursday evening:

An average evening begins with our ride to church in the back of Pastor Refendor's Pickup Truck:

At the church they register all the visitors:

It seems the kids always come early!

Then we have the Family Talk:

After that, we have the Jesus Video & Special Music:

Then comes the sermon:

After the Jesus Video, the kids leave for the kids meetings:

One little boy was just too tired!

On Sabbath we had a special 13th Sabbath Program:

Here is a picture of our pastor, Pastor Refendor, and his family:

On Sunday, our group went to see the Central Philippines Adventist College.

Sunday was Market day in Murcia, which we drove through:

We also passed by many of these "Tricycles":

They fed us breakfast at the college:

Here is the college's Prayer Garden:

They then fed us young coconuts:

Nathan loves Pastor Porter!

On our way back, we stopped by the pastor's organic farm:

After that it began raining.  Here is one of those Tricycles in the rain!