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Bacolod City 3

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Bacolod City 3
Here is the next batch of pictures from Bacolod.

The children always enjoyed the puppet show every night.

Here is "Behind the Scenes"

Here is Curtis preaching with the congregation in the foreground.

The Filipino wiring is an electrician's nightmare.

Here we are eating a Filipino delicacy called Halo Halo, which means mix mix, because you mix it all together before eating it.

There were many Jeepneys in the Philippines.

The next three pictures are from the Mansilingan Church where Seth and Caleb were every night.

Here's the monkey up a tree!

Seth went with his church elder every day to go visiting in people's homes, and several others would often accompany them.

George was our faithful driver to and from our meals every day.

Here we are in Pastor Orquesta's (our translator) "Humble Toy Car".

We had special music every night.

Our hotel staff at the Sugarland Hotel were very accommodating.

On Friday, our team went to the Mambukal Resort.

There was a pulley there called Slide for Life that nearly all of us went on.

After that we hiked up to a waterfall.

Here is the home of somebody we met going to the falls.

The kids were then able to sit on a carabao which is a water buffalo.

The farmers would often spread their rice on the road to dry.  Surprisingly, everybody drove around it!

On the way back, we stopped by the San Miguel Church.