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Bacolod City 4

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Bacolod City 4
Here is the last batch of photos from Bacolod City.

On Sabbath, March 29, We had church at the Central Philippine Adventist College (CPAC).

The church seats at least 1,000 people!

After lunch, Curtis & Pastor Refendor talked to the baptismal candidates.

Here are four of the candidates from the Pagla-um Church.

The baptism was held in the college swimming pool.  329 people were baptized that day.

Curtis & Pastor Porter each said a few words to the candidates, then stood out and did the preliminaries before each baptism.

Afterwards, we took several pictures in front of a waterfall near the pool.

The Refendor Family.

Here we are by the banners at the Pagla-um Church.

That last night of the meetings, the children did a short program for the adults, then they had a short graduation ceremony.

Our gifts from the Pagla-um Church were t-shirts from Bacolod.

Seth & Caleb received material to make Barongs from the Mansilingan Church, so here they are at the tailor shop.

On Tuesday we went over to a friend's house for dinner.  Here we all are.

On Wednesday we drove 4 hours to Sipalay, a beach town.

We stayed at Campo Manes, where we slept in one of the rooms of this cottage.  It was very rustic, with no warm water, no air conditioning, and only a fan while we had electricity (from dusk to midnight).  We had a wonderful time, though, and we weren't too hot!

Here we are on the beach.

We hired three boats for all day Thursday, and had a great time.

We stopped and went snorkeling in a couple places.

Here the family is in a tricycle in Sipalay.

Friday night we showed pictures and had vespers at the Mansilingan Church.

On Sabbath, we went to the San Miguel church.  Daddy was asked to do the Sabbath School lesson review.

Here is the congregation during the church service.

After potluck, a group of us sang some songs together.

The members from the Pagla-um church waited to say good-bye to us, so we stopped by on our way back from San Miguel.

On Sunday morning, we had to go to the airport to leave.  Here we are saying good-bye.

This is the last view of the Philippines we had.

The last two pictures are of the jet we flew on from Taipei, Taiwan, to Anchorage, Alaska.  The first one is taken in Taipei and the last is when we arrived in Anchorage.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into our Philippine experience.  It was a wonderful experience, and it was hard to come back home!  We would like to thank all those who made it possible for us to go, and we are looking forward to our next mission trip.